6 Meter long wire matching

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 3 16:24:39 CST 2008

For my long-wire 6m beam, I need to match my 50 ohm cable to
about 400 ohms or so.  I remember you can use 1/4 wave sections
in parallel to get impedances lower than readily availailable
coax, but also, you can "series" coax lines to get higher
impedances.  See attached drawing.

In other words, two 70 ohm lines can give a section of 140 ohm
line.  I just cant remember how to hook them up (shields and
grounds), etc...


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> Tom, Bob and all,
> It looks like a lot of good ideas are coming together on 
> this.  I see a 
> lot of potential.  My lab has some good test equipment and I
can make 
> some space so we can set up a test bed to try out some of this
> It seems we need to have some sort of get-together and see 
> how to best 
> proceed on various aspects.  Tacos some Saturday might work 
> or perhaps 
> something more is needed.  Thoughts?
> Frank K0BRA
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