Winrad 1.30 released

Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at
Mon Jan 7 15:26:45 CST 2008

The next version is out!  I will try it in a bit with my SDR-I/Q.

Thanks Alberto!

73, Tom n4zpt

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I have just released V1.30 of Winrad, downloadable from

The main changes from V1.25 are :

- New AM, ECSS demodulators
- With ECSS the user can select between the LSB, the USB or both
- Correct management of WAV files of 16, 24 bit integers and 32 bit floats
- New DRM mode with output bandwidth of 12 kHz
- Option to select among multiple ExtIO DLLs
- CPU load reduction by placing the fractional resampler after a
dynamically reconfigurable prescaler
- The status bar for WAV playback is now clickable, to fast forward or
fast rewind the playback
- The WAV file played back has now its name displayed
- One to four samples delay insertable on the left or on the right
channel, to accommodate for the EMU-1212M
- Real time display of the frequency and the dB level that follows the
mouse cursor
- AGC hang time slightly lengthened.
- Speed slider curve changed
- Input selection is now a radio-button
- Volume lock status is now remembered between sessions
- Mute button added
- Past expiry date, the program still works, only a warning is issued
- Some optimizations and errors correction here and there

Reports welcome, thanks

Happy New Year !

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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