ssb mode with tiny carrier....

David Aitcheson - KB3EFS kb3efs at
Mon Jan 7 17:01:25 CST 2008


I do believe that was "AMplitude Compandored Single Side Band" if my
memories from the late 70's are not too cluttered with cob web


--- Mike O'Dell <mo at> wrote:

> once upon a time we had a speaker talk about an SSB mode
> which, i believe, compandored the audio, but also
> left a little bitty stump of carrier in the signal 
> so receivers could autotune and AFC.  now i can't
> remember the name of it - ACSB ??? wazzat right?
> my question is "why didn't that ever get explored
> on the ham bands?" with the advent of SDR, it would
> seem to be a lot easier to examine such things
> in a "live fire" setting.
> what am i missing here??
> 	-mo
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