ssb mode with tiny carrier....

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at
Mon Jan 7 18:16:42 CST 2008

In a mobile environment, flutter could be bad on SSB.  But I would still use a reference subcarrier carefully... only for flutter
reduction.  High pass filter it and only use it to hold down rapid flutter, and use the slow AGC for receive auto level control.
That way if it is misadjusted, it will still work fine.

  Bob, WA3WDR

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Subject: ssb mode with tiny carrier....

> once upon a time we had a speaker talk about an SSB mode
> which, i believe, compandored the audio, but also
> left a little bitty stump of carrier in the signal
> so receivers could autotune and AFC.  now i can't
> remember the name of it - ACSB ??? wazzat right?
> my question is "why didn't that ever get explored
> on the ham bands?" with the advent of SDR, it would
> seem to be a lot easier to examine such things
> in a "live fire" setting.
> what am i missing here??
> -mo
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