AMRAD & 6m Packet mod Project

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Thu Jan 10 21:40:50 CST 2008

Hi Bob,

Sorry I missed the meeting. I was down at the Mount Vernon club giving a 
D-Star briefing. Do you use a high voltage DC/DC converter to get the 
primary battery down to 12Vdc?  And did you put in a lithium primary 

73, Tom n4zpt

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Hope to see some of you tonight at AMRAD.
> I got a rare kitchen pass.  Will bring my 
> solar-powered-Prius/FieldDay-Power system too...
> Will someone beacon an APRS posit from the parking lot, so I can
> find it.
> Thanks
> Bob, WB4APR
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>> Mike,
>> I havent looked yet at your TNC mod, but the best way to
>> interface a TNC is to make provision for connecting the TNC
>> permanently to the discriminator audio output that is
>> unsquelched.  This way, the TNC is always connected and the
>> volume on the speaker can just be turned down if needed.
>> I would think this would be a much simpler connection and not
>> need the switch and drill bits, etc?
>> Bob, WB4APR
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>> Project
>>> All, I handed a modified radio off to Mr B last night. Cool 
>>> dude, very sharp. This is going to be one heck of a project.
>>>  The mod was to make simple the process of  hooking up the 
>>> radio to the TNC.   I'm in the process of documenting the 
>>> conversion of the Midland 6m radio to connect with a Packet 
>>> TNC. Will post photos and comments on Flickr, the Yahoo
> photo 
>>> service.   All the mods live in the control head of the 
>>> radio. Switch, wire, heat shrink tubing, screw drivers, and 
>>> drill bits.   I add a switch to select between sending the 
>>> receive audio from the speaker or to the un used pin on the 
>>> microphone jack.   Packets are useful things to have, but I 
>>> for one don't find them music to the ears. A couple of data 
>>> blatts and I'm looking for something else to listen to.   
>>> That way one wire  interfaces the radio to the TNC.   Keep
> it 
>>> safe Mike  
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