Nostalgia: Gil cartoons

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Jan 11 20:51:52 CST 2008

 Classic Gil Cartoon Book Now Available: "Gil: A Collection of Classic
Cartoons from QST" is more than a book of illustrations -- it is a
tribute to a legend, a man who, over a span of 40 years, created more
than 1500 cartoons and drawings for QST and the ARRL. The work of Philip
"Gil" Gildersleeve, W1CJD, became a tradition. In tribute to this
talented, creative and devoted artist and ham, the ARRL presents in this
book a reprint of a portion of the best of his work. Gil was an avid
radio amateur, devoted family man and exceptionally active in the
community. For several years he worked as a radio operator aboard
merchant ships, later becoming News Editor of the Middletown (CT) Press.
Although he became a Silent Key in 1966, his characters live on. Still
today, Gil's conceptions remain alive in the minds of both old-timers
and newcomers to Amateur Radio. Get your copy today at the ARRL Online
Store <>. 

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