Integrated Transportation System?

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Fri Jan 11 23:51:49 CST 2008


We had a very informative talk on Thursday night about all kinds of 
different aspects of transportation related systems and their use of 
radio signals.  The talk was given by Paul Najarian who works on this 
for the NTIA.

We found an article where a 14 year old was able to figure out how the 
tram system in Poland worked and then fabricated a controller similar to 
a TV remote control.  He was able to control the trams and had a much 
better train system than the one I had as a youngster built by Lionel. 
Alas, the skills needed to avoid accidents did not come with the control 
knowledge and bad things happened.  For details see

Frank K0BRA

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