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Sat Jan 12 17:07:43 CST 2008

  Next Tuesday the 15Th at 20:00 edition two of the NVFMA Tech net meets on the 53.61 repeater in Ashburn VA.
  Looking for SME (Subject Matter Experts) on
  Removing noise from ham radio repeaters.
  The specs for an Am/FM car radio antenna. (They are not 50 ohms)
  Anybody in the HD radio broadcasting business.
  Other 6m activity or nets in the area.
  Gain antennas for 6m mobile.
  News of projects in the works and finished.
  Edition three will be on Tuesday the 22ND at Old Dominion Brewing at 18:30.
  An informal gathering of the crew. 
  Good food, good liquids. A fun place.
  I would like to get various key players into the same room to discuss the Meteor Scatter project. Will try and get commitments from the company I work for, and the lab.
  Thanks in advance.
  Mike Chisena
  Herndon VA
  703 863 4574 After 16:30 weekdays

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