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  Had a brain glitch the other day.
  Meteor Scatter APRS Project.
  Of the Midland SY II's (like the type I first issued the club) there is a variant called a CWB.
  These have a built in Pack R/T unit. In this case a little VHF radio.
  So when the operator leaves their vehicle, a hand held radio, talks to the car and on to the low band system, same in reverse.
  These vhf radios are something special. 
  The interface and the programing software are rare and expensive. 
  I don't need that grief, so if I get any radios like this, that feature will not be used. 
  There is also a third harmonic issue that will cream a 2m vhf radio w/o much in the way of pre selection. 
  So don't get any ideas about this becoming an out of the box range extender. 
  I ain't doing it, and we can't use the 154MHz frequency they seem to be on.
  Now if we strip out this vhf radio and install a data modem in the space, that might be the slick feature we need to make this meteor scatter project fly. 
  Power, ground, RX audio, TX audio, RX COR logic, TX PTT logic, hard to beat that with a stick!
  I expect all the wires and interface that talked to the vhf radio to adapt to any data modem we wish to use. 
  There is plenty of space in that cavity.
  To that end, I have ordered a single CWB radio to play with. That way I can get a feel for the unit, hopefully before I commit to a bunch more. (more on this further down)
  I still have some of the accessories from the first AMRAD conversion. 
  Will let you know. It should be here in a week or so. 
  If I'm real lucky before the Tuesday the 22nd's dinner meeting for the 53.61 Tech net at Old Dominion Brewing 18:30.
  Next Item Programing Cables
  One of the guys on the MidlandLMR Yahoo group offered me a chance to buy into a small business of making programing cables for the radios. 
  At this point I asked him to 'hold' on that thought. 
  Sooner or later people are going to want to shift channels and or pl's around and extra cables + Software might be a good thing.
  I have enough to do with things as they stand today. 
  Building cables ain't my favorite.
  What I will do is forward any requests in that direction and strike your own deal.
  Next Item Available 6m Radios
  At this time I have in possession, three units ready to go. 
  And may have two more by the weekend. 
  Then I'm out of the sales business.
  I want to keep two sets as spares. 
  In the event a client were to say 'my radio is broke'.
  I have a duty to say, "Please, take this one." 
  In a situation like that, there are many wrong answers, and I don't want to go there.
  Shafting hams is not a good way to get ahead in life.
  Been looking for a few more. 
  Got a request out on the Midland List, but so far no takers.
  Seems my vendor did not have as many units as I had hoped for.
  If they have 10 to 20 more of the 70-0375C that will be good. 
  They also claim to have some of the 0520CWB's as well.
  The trick is if I can afford shipping. 
  FedEx fees for ten radios is about 135 bucks!
  Just sent a note off to this vendor and will see what the price will be, 
  and what shipping will be.
  This is not a done deal yet, still in the chat phase.
  More when I know more

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