WTNT and spanish broadcasts

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Fri Jan 18 05:32:48 CST 2008

Yes, that's what I understand as well.  You can hear it pretty well
through WTNT's signal at night when the conditions are good.

A little digging around came up with this:

   The Spanish-language station with the time pips and Morse "RR"
   identifier on 570 is CMHI, Radio Reloj, in Santa Clara, Cuba. Radio
   Reloj is Cuba's national time-standard station and is based in
   Havana. It has transmitters all over the island...its Havana outlet is
   on 760 (CMCD). The format of Radio Reloj consists of two announcers
   taking turns reading news with time pips superimposed. Time checks are
   given on the minute, followed by a brief time tone and the "RR"
   sounder. There are no commercials.

So there you have it...


"Bob Bruhns" <bbruhns at erols.com> writes:

> I'm pretty sure that's Cuba.  They carry the clock ticking and the RR every so often.
>    Bob WA3WDR
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>> WTNT seems to have some sort of failure and are off the air (570 kHz) 
>> right now.  I can hear a Spanish speaking station on the frequency that 
>> has a format where they broadcast a tone between each one minute news 
>> item.  Often, I hear just the tone and RR in morse code but now hear the 
>> full broadcast.  Someone at tacos mentioned this Spanish station the 
>> other day.
>> Now, if I could only understand the Spanish.
>> Frank K0BRA
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