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Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 09:55:23 CST 2008


> >From the ARRL web site:
> Lunar Echo Experiment looking for Amateur Radio Participants (Jan 17, 2008)
> -- The HF Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Alaska and the Long
> Wavelength Array (LWA) in New Mexico are planning an additional lunar echo
> experiment for January 18-19. Interested radio amateurs are invited to
> participate in this experiment by listening for the lunar echoes and
> submitting reports. On January 19, listen on 6.7925 MHz from 0500-0600 UTC,
> and on 7.4075 MHz from 0600-0700 UTC. On January 20, listen on 6.7925 MHz
> from 0630-0730 UTC, and on 7.4075 MHz from 0730-0830 UTC (depending on
> frequency occupancy at the time of operation, it may be necessary to adjust
> the frequency slightly). Based on previous experiments, investigators
> believe it should be possible to hear the lunar echoes with a standard
> communications receiver and a simple 40 meter dipole antenna. The format for
> the transmissions will follow a five second cycle beginning on the hour and
> repeating continuously. The HAARP transmitter will transmit for the first
> two seconds. The next three seconds will be quiet to listen for the lunar
> echo. Then HAARP will transmit again for two seconds, repeating the cycle
> for one hour. In the second hour, this five second repetitive cycle will be
> repeated at a different frequency. All transmissions from HAARP will be CW
> (no modulation). Depending on ionospheric conditions, it may or may not be
> possible to hear the HAARP transmission directly via skywave propagation.
> Since HAARP will not be using any modulation, set your receiver on to CW
> mode to hear HAARP and the lunar echo. Investigators are interested in
> receiving signal reports from radio amateurs who may be able to detect -- or
> not detect-- the lunar echo or the transmitted skywave pulse from HAARP.
> Submit reports via e-mail, and list your call sign and the type and location
> of your receiving equipment and antennas.  -- Information provided by Ed
> Kennedy, K3NS, HAARP Navy Program Manager

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