Moonbounce on 40M

Terry Fox tfox at
Sat Jan 19 00:49:50 CST 2008

Well, I was able to hear the HAARP experiment last night on 40M.  I heard
both the HAARP skywave signal, and the EME bounce.  I wasn't even aware of
it until half-way through the first hour.

I used a 40M dipole in the attic, my Brainerd DDS/QSD receiver board
(without any filter in front of it), and Rocky 1.5, on an old Dell 1GHz

By the time I had the good laptop booted up, they had changed freqs, and
there is some garbage here on the newer freq.  Thanks Bill Gates and McAfee
for the extended boot period.  I swear, my old CP/M computer could have
booted 50 times by the time Windows comes up anymore.  I can almost build a
computer in the time it takes Windows, and it's various friends, to show up
ready for work.  In fact, I think Rome was built faster than Windows boots

But, success, despite the blundering fools' bloatware.

I did record a few minutes with Rocky's IQ record capabilities.


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