Free to a good home (sorry, still no APRS content)

John Teller jsteller at
Tue Jan 22 20:32:40 CST 2008

I have a Measurements Corporation Model 80 signal generator to give 
away.  It covers 2 to 400 MHz.  It does produce a good signal that 
appears to be free from distortion or power supply noise, although I 
cannot vouch for its calibration.

It is a true boat anchor, and weighs about 30 pounds.  It is a true 
mechanical wonder and uses an acorn tube as its oscillator.  All 
mechanisms move freely, although the main band switch knob is loose 
because its set screws have worn away the Bakelite the shaft is made of.

I'm in Dulles every weekday, or pick it up here in lovely Middletown MD.

--- JST

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