More high tech..... which may be of interest.

Richard Cramer rwcfl at
Sat Jan 26 21:14:31 CST 2008

This was picked up on the antenna list and I thought it may be of 
interest.  The company web site is at:

Phiar in the hole
 > First what you need to know about it, and then the hard stuff.
 > The application of Phiar's metal-insulator quantum tunneling
 > technology leads to the ability to wirelessly transmit huge
 > amounts of data quickly without the signal breaching the drywall
 > of the room you're in.
 > It also means microchips that communicate wirelessly, and - a bit
 > down the road - medical imaging technology much more precise and
 > cheaper, at the terahertz level.
 > That's terahertz.
 > Imagine you want to wirelessly transfer a high definition movie
 > from your Apple TV to you mobile device. Sounds like it might
 > take forever, but according to Adam Renstchler, director of
 > business development for Phiar, it wouldn't if using gadgets
 > equipped with this new radio technology.
 > "If I have a radio that's fast enough to that," he said, "then
 > my calendar and my contacts will be super fast."
 > 73 Bill Miller
 > KT4YE

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