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Sat Jan 26 21:50:20 CST 2008

Richard Cramer wrote:
> This was picked up on the antenna list and I thought it may be of 
> interest.  The company web site is at:
> Phiar in the hole
>  >
>  > First what you need to know about it, and then the hard stuff.
>  > The application of Phiar's metal-insulator quantum tunneling
>  > technology leads to the ability to wirelessly transmit huge
>  > amounts of data quickly without the signal breaching the drywall
>  > of the room you're in.
>  >
>  > It also means microchips that communicate wirelessly, and - a bit
>  > down the road - medical imaging technology much more precise and
>  > cheaper, at the terahertz level.
>  >
>  > That's terahertz.
>  >
>  > Imagine you want to wirelessly transfer a high definition movie
>  > from your Apple TV to you mobile device. Sounds like it might
>  > take forever, but according to Adam Renstchler, director of
>  > business development for Phiar, it wouldn't if using gadgets
>  > equipped with this new radio technology.
>  >
>  > "If I have a radio that's fast enough to that," he said, "then
>  > my calendar and my contacts will be super fast."
>  >
>  > 73 Bill Miller
>  > KT4YE
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MOT-Phiar have gone public about their intentions in the 60GHz
realm, although the WirelessHD alliance has hardware they
are showing. that's spearheaded by SiBeam who has working 60GHz
chips done in CMOS. it's very cool - they do active beam forming
and "active tracking". the magic is not just a chip but a
chip-on-carrier with the antennas on the carrier. the two
endpoints of the 60GHz link literally find each other and
lock-on, so if somebody walks into the path and stands there,
it can switch to an alternate path using a "bank shot". as
you can imagine, there's more to this than just the RF stuff;
there are spring-heads involved.  but essentially an HDMI cable
goes in and an HDMI cable comes out. presto mesto, no men left
on base. very very cool stuff.

they are an NEA portfolio company and now that they've started
talking about their stuff, i hope i can do a presentation at
a club meeting about it.

the interesting thing about MOT-Phiar is that they are
serious about THz waves. although they certainly
are not alone in wanting to do that cheaply.


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