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The News.
  Hi all,
  Been a busy week.
  Here are the highlights.
  Last Tuesday’s tech net was a bust.
  One guy from WVA showed up, but couldn't’t take part due to a TVI issue.
  I spent a little bit talking to my self. 
  Was not improved by the experience.
  I couldn't’t be around to promote it, so this is what happens.
  My bad.
  This is not totally unexpected considering how few 6m operators there are around here.
  Fixing that was the other part of this week’s busy event.
  I need to make more 6m operators. 
  Here comes a shameless plug for my side project.
  As some of you know, I have been buying used Midland two way radios and converting them to 6m service.
  My vendor wanted out of the business. 
  So we talked about different numbers and made an agreement.
  If I took all their remaining stock I could have it for a price.
  More than the scrapper was offering.
  A little less than what I was paying.
  The glitch was shipping. The units were in a warehouse in Orlando Fla.
  Had my bank cut a counter check to the vendor.
  Got in the pick up truck and drove down Sunday.
  Hooked up with Frank G. and his bride Ms. Meg, from the AMRAD. 
  They most generously offered to help with the packing and moving.
  Also in attendance was one of the AMRAD Florida guys Mr. C.
  Mr. C also wanted a radio but with a frequency load out for his area, that became the “The Florida Hack” of my 99 channel list. 
  Since I was going to Florida anyway, no point in paying UPS to ship what I can lug my self. 
  I set up his radio and two more on the off chance some extras if some of his friends there want one.
  I got a couple of crates from one of the gun guys I know and used them well.
  At this point the collection is a ‘mix and match’ of items.
  The units have not been fully counted yet, but best guess is

  137 of the XTR mobiles like the type I have been selling.
  65 or so of the control heads.
  About 100 speakers in various states of condition.
  Some mint, some rough, more than a few with connectors cut off.
  I have about 30 microphones at the moment.
  Frank may have some of the other items, so this is not a full count.
  12 or so control cables.
  NO power cords!
  We also got a small number of Syntech II radios. 
  Less than 20 I think. Frank moved most of those.
  These may become high speed data radios for a Loundon Co Virginia ARES project. 
  To be determined.
  Since the power cables are made from common Molex connectors, that is not too big a deal to duplicate. Same for the speaker connector. 
  Parts will be on order this week.
  The control cables we can make from ribbon cable and 3M connectors.
  These can be of any useful length up to about 4 meters.
  Here is what the thinking is.
  Make a bunch of power cables.
  For the radios destined to become home base stations and the APRS meteor scatter mobiles and fixed stations.
  We can bolt the control heads to the handles of the mobile radio.
  Make up a small cable from the radio to the head.
  Call it a day. 
  They don’t have to look good, just function.
  For radios to be used in homes, a short ribbon cable of 3 or four feet. 
  Just enough to place the transceiver near the power supply feeding it. 
  The control head can mount up near the operating point.
  For radios to be installed in vehicles, the Midland control cable will be made available.
  There are vendors that sell ‘used and tested’ cables. 
  May try and work a deal with them.
  Value added features.
  Frank G was able to scan in the service manual for the 70-0375C radio and put it onto a disk. This was no trivial task.
  Barry ‘LWX has a copy of the programming software.
  I’m going to put the 22 and 99 channel program files on the disk, along with the Florida 99 channel program file I worked up for Mr. C. Also I will put a 'stock' copy of what the radios came with. This is handy in the event some problem crops up.
  These guys sell a very good Midland programming cable. I own two, they work great. 
  I have no plans to buy any for resale. It's their way of making a living and I refuse to get in the way of it. Feel free to check out their EBAY listing. 
  Search “Midland Cable” and look for XTR.

  The idea here is to put all this data on one disk, (plus other vendor data) and offer a copy to each customer that has purchased a radio in the past and new clients as they choose to buy.
  Frank and I are thinking of making a quantity of these units available at Winterfest  this year. I  hope to have 20 set up and ready to rock.
  The price may be adjusted a bit. Remember Value Added.
  Included in the price of the radio will be a one year membership to AMRAD.
  Also a one year membership to NVFMA. 
  AMRAD got the radios, NVFMA  has the repeater, not a bad mix. 
  A 22 channel radio, two club memberships, for less than 120 bucks
  Value Added is here. The disk with the manual, files, and vendor data.
  The service manual and the program tend to be expensive if you have to buy them seperately. 
  Talked to one of the NVFMA officers and he sees no issues or down sides to this project. I will need some NVFMA applications.
  I’m thinking of having a set up so I can give people what they want right there at the flea market.
  APRS convertible radio, no problem. 
  One to talk on for use in the car, sure thing. 
  How long a control cable do you want?
  No problem, I will make it right there, test it on the spot from ribbon cable and new connectors. 
  Show that the transmitter is working into a dummy load. 
  Ready to rock and roll.
  Need a few channels changed? No sweat. Program it up right here and now.
  So if I’m scarce for a few weeks, just assume I’m busy rather than loafing.
  Took home the first seven for conversion last night.
  Here are some photo links.

  Get a good look at the last photo. 
  That's what 130 radios look like stacked fifteen high by seven across. 
  That's not all of them, some are out of view to the lower left of the stack.
  Be well there.

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