Google forces Microsoft's hand

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> andre kesteloot wrote:
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> > In the past, when Microsoft moved beyond its stronghold in desktop
> > personal computer software - and into areas like Xbox video games and
> > data-center software - it has done so mainly with in-house investment,
> > patience and tenacity.
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> Not so - Microsoft bought Bungie Studios when they were a Macintosh game
> developer and were in the process of writing the first Halo.  Halo, of
> course, became the first major release for the original Xbox.  Nothing
> like outsourcing when internal engineering lacks creativity and ability.
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John - so true.
Microsoft's last good in-house program was......   well, I don't think there
was one.  Even DOS was a rip-off (excuse me, purchase).

I guess Altair Basic was an original, but requiring the purchase of
defective dynamic memory just to get it, kind of killed any good thoughts
there as well.  Plus, Bill's tirade about piracy didn't help.  I think I
finally burned my original paper tapes.

Everything they have come up with was actually a purchase/take-over of
somebody else's creative work.

Microsoft just put in tons of money to kill off any potential competitor,
and then proceeded to ruin the original.

In-house?  Not in Microsoft's vocabulary.  Same as "reliable", "safe",
"fixed", "work's good", etc....

Ooops, reliable is actually there... as in Windows reliably crashes and
loses my data.  It just doesn't crash in the same relaible manner each time.
But, a little variety spices up life.

Oh well.  Back to more happy thoughts, if I can get my new Windows Vista
laptop going again.  Now, where did that START menu-button go?


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