off topic, commercial query contact requested

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at
Tue Feb 5 10:57:40 CST 2008

hi, I apologise to the list for reaching out to Amrad members, but
since some of the members may be involved with satellite equipment
manufacturers (you know who you are!) I have a need that might
interest them.

Between 100-500, and then 700-1000 L-band BUC on either c-band or
ku-band, 2W, 5W capacity for use with a ViaSat LinkStar vsat satellite
hub. The procurement process will be done in 3-6 months. I'm
interested in purchasing from knowledgeable suppliers or OEM
manufacturers with support. The BUC will be powered by ViaSat RCST.

If interested please contact:

Samudra Haque
Director Broadband Technologies
B2 Technology and Consulting Services, Inc.
3130 Fairview Park Drive, Ste 500
Falls Church, VA 22042

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