Fully compliant USB to RS 232

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Fri Feb 8 13:40:59 CST 2008

Thanks Andre, good find.  Have you tried it yet with any transmit hardware?  Are the drivers by any chance from FTDI?

A common problem with these adaptors is that there is a significant delay on the handshake signals.  That becomes important when the handshake signals are used for transmit and keyer signals with SoftRock RxTx boards.  CW keying is especially sensitive to USB/RS232 dongle delays.

I have found that FTDI-based USB/RS232 adaptors are good, there is very little delay.  I will give these a try.

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  The USB-RS232 adaptor cable available at MicroCenter and other distributors is not fully RS-232 compliant.
  But here is a fully-compliant USB-RS232 cable (dongle) for $4.78 (and no shipping charges) ... not a bad deal  :-)


  André N4ICK


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