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  The last two sessions were duds.
  Mostly because I didn't market it all that well.
  The first Tuesday I just got back from a buying trip to Florida to get more radios.
  The second Tuesday got busy and didn't put out a notice in time.
  Sooner or later I will get it right.
  So if your a Subject Matter Expert who can share, or if you have questions, I'm going to try this again.
  Tuesday night February 12Th at 20:00 on the 53.61 / r out of Ashburn VA.
  For those who have the connection, please forward this memo to anyone interested in our 6m service.
  Let's see what happens.
  What's going on.
  A huge amount of back and forth over the last few days.
  Working with a vendor to help turn some of the surplus radios into data bricks.
  This same item will also be of use to repeater owners who want to expand their systems. 
  It will allow inexpensive radios to be used as remote bases. 
  Right now it's in the 'talk about it stage".
  If all the details work out, this should be an easy to assemble kit with a custom made circuit board, a bag of small parts, and an instruction sheet. 
  I hope to see prototypes in the next few months. 
  Until then the vendors name will be withheld so people won't nudge him before it's ready.
  Also working on a list of people and companies that have been helpful to me on this project. Guys who sell parts, cables, programing tools, all that good stuff. Sketches, notes and links as well.
  The goal is to have this list on a CDR to be issued with each radio sold at Winterfest this year. I hope to have enough copies available for those of you who purchased the units privately.
  Frank G from AMRAD did a nice scan of the service manual.
  Barry LWX has offered a copy of the programing software.
  Ive got this list to add, plus frequency lists and a copy of the program configuration I give the radios when they go out the door.
  That's the news.
  Thanks in advance
  Mike Chisena
  703 863 4574 after 16:30

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