6m stuff and news from AMRAD Florida

Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 11:17:21 CST 2008

  Mr Cramer helped with the radio buy project.
  He has some questions and answers, seemed to be a good time to share with Team Taco's.
  Answers interlaced.....

Richard Cramer <rwcfl at earthlink.net> wrote:

Who ever said marketing is easy! Good luck with the Tech Net. Years 
ago we had a Tech Net in Fairfax on 220. Took a while to get it 
moving, but for a while it was fun. I have never understood why it is 
so hard to get technical people to participate, elmer, share, socialize, 
  (Mostly how has time. Also in this area, people that know things very often can't discuss them or how they came into the knowledge. The 'spook' mentality. 
  Did you know when I was over seas, we had to be careful about our trash? Seems anything with personal data on it could be used to attack our families back home.
  Sick people, now tell me again why some don't want to take part.)

Talking about sharing, I am still interested in finding a way to 
participate in the AMRAD monthly meetings. Maybe an open asterisk VoIP 
link, video streaming, etc, etc. I know it is extra work for someone up 
there but I am sure members all over the country would be interested in 
this. See if you can build a fire under someone. I am exploring 
options from down here.
  (Will send this on to the AMRAD Taco's list and let's see what happens.)

Any progress on putting together the CD for me with the manual and tech 
notes on the conversion of the XTR's? Do you have a contact point and 
part number for the memory channel upgrade board?
  (Ive got a draft of that now I can attach. As for the upgrade board, Midland has them in stock for about 34 bucks each. There is a Midland LMR bunch on Yahoo groups that turns them up from time to time. Lastly there is Ebay.)

The Orlando Hamfest was this past weekend. Picked up a 1/4w 6M 
antenna. It is a 5" magmount that will suffice until I come up with a 
bettter scheme for the HF and 6M supports as an extension to the hitch 
frame. Have the radio in the car and ready to go for a test tomorrow.

  (That sounds like a plan.
  Any nibbles on the other two units? I'm starting to have a cash crunch here.)
With regard to the Hamfest I thought it was a little light as compared 
to last year. Tailgate section did not seem as populated this year and 
that is where I tend to spend a lot of time.

  (hard to say, the hobby is graying out. Not a good situation.
  Be well there.

"You are, what you do, when it counts"  
The Masso

"Gravity, the quickest way down"  
Mayor John Almafi

"You ever drop an egg, and on the floor you see it break? 

You go and get a mop so you can clean up your mistake.  

But did you ever stop to ponder why we know it's true? 

If you drop a broken egg you will not get an egg that's new?" 

MC Hawking
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