[KY2E] PuppyLinux

Richard Cramer rwcfl at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 19 00:08:16 CST 2008

Guys and Girls,

This will sound like sacrilege from those of you that know my unix 
preferences for years.  For those that do not it is FreeBSD!!

Well over the years once and a while just to keep Maitland happy I look 
at a Linux distro and my favorite is always Debian.  But, and I mean 
BUT, for those of you who are M$ types and you know who you are, take a 
look at :PuppyLinux. Or specifically their LiveCD.  It is a brainless to 
install and a joy.

They say there goal is to provide a distro where reading a manual is not 
necessary, shucks no more RTFM replys!   I think they are very close to 
their goal for most people.  You have the standard browser, editors, and 
email loaded and a few other apps just to make you happy. Now as a ham 
if you go to url: www.w1hkj.com/emcpup.html you will get a nice digital 
app called FLDIGI, a logbook that is integrated  and a couple more apps 
just to make you smile. 

If over the last couple of years maitland, mo, rs, Terry or I (sorry if 
I missed someone) have not convinced you to move to a unix os, you 
really do need to check this out.  It is blazingly fast, in fact faster 
then any other live-cd that I have looked at, has a nice set of starter 
apps PLUS the ham radio apps.

Oh yea!  A couple of other things.  I know everyone always backs up 
there hard drive, so there are backup utilities included with this 
distro.  When you are convinced this is for you, they even have 
repartioning software so you can easily make a dual boot machine, but 
why would you would want to :-)

73 from FL,
Dick /KY2E

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