An electric motorbike

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Here is my electric motorbike. Target carried these a few years ago for
about $300. ElectraUSA, the importer, is out of business but there are other
vendors. From time to time Pep Boys carries something like this. It has a
top speed of 18 mph. I've driven it steadily for 12 miles and still had
charge left but that was probably near the limit. It uses three 12Ah
lead-acid batteries in series under the middle section of the bike. There is
space for another set of batteries under the seat so it could probably
reliably get 25 miles with both sets. The original set off batteries swelled
up and died after 300 miles.

The hub motor is rated at 180W. It has very low acceleration and needs pedal
assist on some steep hills but it is a lot of fun to ride.

73 Karl W4KRL

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