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Sun Feb 24 21:36:33 CST 2008


I pursued this further and you are correct.  I should have held my fire 
until I finished the whole process.  This thing looks fishy indeed.


Joseph Bento wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> That website is legit.  Circuitmaker is now an 
> unsupported product. The 
> link  provided 
> here on tacos a few days ago is the one I question, that allows you to 
> download the full pro version with serial number and the like.   That 
> link is essentially a clone of the page with a path to 
> download.  
> It's certainly a fine program with full spice modeling.  Having to use a 
> password such as "free4me" to unprotect the tar file makes me suspicious 
> of how legit the file is.
> Joe
> On Feb 24, 2008, at 8:02 PM, Frank Gentges wrote:
>> Joe,
>> Maybe I am naive but the circuitmaker web site seems legit.
>> If it has been up for some time and was  not part of Altium I would 
>> think they would bring it down or I would find something through Google.
>> On the other hand I do not find any reference to this circuitmaker web 
>> site and that the program is is alive and well.  College students 
>> could do a lot of good work with it. The Altium web site is silent on 
>> its availability.
>> Nonetheless, this looks to be a fine program given the purchase price 
>> of *free*.  Perhaps this web site and free version is a result of 
>> efforts by some rogue insiders at Altium and the word has not gotten out.
>> I have been using the free version of Eagle which limits the size and 
>> complexity of the schematic and PC board.  This version of 
>> circuitmaker looks to be a nice step up in my meager lab.
>> Frank
>> Joseph Bento wrote:
>>> I think this download is in the "warz" category.  It's not released 
>>> as  a freebie by Protel / Altium.  There were a few hoops to go 
>>> through to  obtain the download, as well a a password to acquire to 
>>> "untar" the  compressed file.  Anyhow, after going through all the 
>>> motions, you  have a fully installable copy of Circuit Maker 2000, 
>>> including the 16  digit registration code.
>>> We use Altium Designer at work, which is the current shipping version.
>>> Joe
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