Making your own vacuum tube at home:

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One question:

More questions:
2.  How is this making your own tube?  All it is, is adding, then sucking
the new air out of an existing old tube.  Not making your own tube.  Not
even fixing an old tube.  It is poorer afterwards: takes more power, cannot
run continuously, endangers those around it, dies quickly, and doesn't work
nearly as good until it does die.
3.  Why?
4.  Can you do this to restore 6146 or 807 transmit tubes?
5.  Why?
6.  If you do this to about 1 million tubes, can you simulate an Intel 8008
micro from 1973?
7.  How quickly will it fail?  He went through at least four tubes - that he
admits to.
8.  Why?
9.  Does this prove that you can create a device that sucks less good than
RCA used to?  Or Svetlana?
10. Since the article was done in 2000, has he expanded the "state of the
art" further with his experiments?
11.  Oh, and lastly:  why?

I feel like Simon Cowell:  WOT - WOB.


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