Tv NEC model CT-2070S Z Channel goes to 55 only

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Sun Mar 2 17:59:50 CST 2008

Hi, first question. Is it a "cable ready set" there is a miss match 
between cable channels and off air channels. I remember getting block 
converters that would shift all the VHF channels up into the range of 
the UHF tuner to fill in the frequencies the off air only set would not tune.

At 05:41 PM 3/2/2008, Bob Rice, KG4RRN wrote:
>Hi all, Heard this was where to go to ask a stupid question so here 
>it goes. I recently acquired a 20" NEC Stereo Tv vintage 1980. I 
>have hooked Cox cable up to it and it will not go past 55 channels 
>on the tv or the remote.What can be done to either clear it or have 
>it deprogrammed? Heard Mr. Fox was the multi media expert with this. 
>I e-mailed an expert with the pedigree in Electronic Engineering 
>supposedly and he had no clue. I feel the problem lies between the 
>coax and IFB detector. Any thought(s) to how to clear 
>it to recieve. I am missing MSNBC on 67 and CNN on 71 right now. It 
>is not digital cable either, but we have it running without box from 
>! Cox. The TV has the following controls which are smallish tactile 
>buttons on the front of the receiver...CHANNEL PRE SET (already 
>tried) ANT PRESET (didnt know you could control ants with this) TV 
>VIDEO AND STATUS. Many other small buttons on the front as well 
>whciha have no fuction that pertains to the above. Would enjoy a 
>manual , but could not find one. 73, Bob Rice, KG4RRN
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