SDR without a PC...

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Mon Mar 3 22:07:52 CST 2008


I was waiting to see if anyone came in saying they had one of these, but 
nothing heard.

I think there is a very big integration effort needed to put it all 
together.  It is not surprising if it misses it 1st Quarter '08 target 
for the first units.  I would not be surprised if it is one year late if 

The overall integration to the level needed to cut the cord to the PC 
and still be user friendly is a big effort and probably not easily 
scoped out and estimated.

I would be reluctant to put any money down until a complete unit is seen 
and tried to convince me it really works, especially the firmware. 
Maybe we will see one at Hamvention 2008.

Finally, the price of $3800 is a bit of a bite.  Now with the Euro going 
up this price is probably going to go up with that.  At this price level 
the current transceiver makers have a whole lot of features for ADAT to 

Frank K0BRA

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Is anyone following the ADAT?  Vaporware?  Reasonable prognosis of
> actually happening?
>                                         ---rob
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