Vanguard 1, 50th Anniversary Celebration

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  Got this on the in house system.
  It's nice to see that in some small way we remember those who did it first.
  Consider this an FYI.

Subject: Vanguard 1, 50th Anniversary Celebration  
        Vanguard 1, 50th Anniversary Celebration  
  On Monday, March 17, NRL will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vanguard 1 test vehicle four successful launch. The 6.4-inch-diameter, 3.5-lb satellite was launched March 17, 1958, and is the oldest artificial satellite orbiting the Earth, with a life expectancy of 2000 years. Vanguard 1 achieved the highest altitude of any man-made vehicle to that time, confirmed the Earth’s pear shape, initiated the use of miniature circuits, and was the first satellite to use solar cells as a power source.
  All events will take place in Bldg. 226.  Please allow Vanguardians, guests, and NRL executives access to seating in first 5 rows of Bldg. 226 auditorium.
  The program will be broadcast to overflow seating in Bldg. 226 Room 113 and Friedman Room, Bldg. 222 auditorium, NTN Channel 34 NRL-wide, and simulcast to NRL locations in Stennis and Monterey.
  Program agenda: 
  0930    Vanguardians and Guests check-in Bldg 226 Foyer (please give them way
   at Security table in foyer)
  1000    Bldg 226 Exhibits open
  1015    Bldg 226 Auditorium opens
  1030    Opening remarks
  1045    Vanguard Pioneer panel session moderated by NRL historian, Dr. Leo B.
    Panelists:   Mr. Roger L. Easton, Mr. Alton E. Jones, Dr. John W. Townsend, Jr., and Mr. Martin J. Votaw
  1215    Closing remarks
  1223    Vanguard 1 orbits over Washington, DC: orbit simulation display on
   screens in Bldg. 226 Auditorium and Friedman Room
  1230    Reception in the Friedman Room
  1330    Program ends



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