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Six Meter APRS Experiment this weekend.
  Bob B. WB4APR has an idea for a nation wide short message APRS system using meteor scatter propagation.
  Like most huge projects it has to start small.
  The idea is to get ‘something anything’ on the air and see how it works.
  Any system on six meters is going to have different kinds of propagation.
  Direct, sky wave, and if we are real lucky meteor scatter.
  At this point there are no meteor scatter controllers in existence. 
  I need to use common hardware for this project.
  The short term goal is to duplicate the success that two meter APRS is but do it again on six meters. Prove that the hardware works and there are no major snags in the technology.
  I prepared a mobile radio and installed in it a Byronics TT3 controller.
  For the last two weeks this unit has been on and off. Been solving small tech issues with the adaption. The last two outings the unit has been a solid performer. Now seems to be a good opportunity to go ‘prime time’.
  This is the construction article for the project. 
  The goal was to adapt cheap surplus radios for this new service. 
  Midland Syntech 1 units can be had for peanuts. 
  The beauty of using converted commercial radios is the same set of modifications that work on six meters, will work on two meters, and on UHF radios. 
  So if you’re thinking of a conversion project, this is very cool. 
  If you need help programming up Midlands non standard e prom module, catch me off line for assistance.
  I’ve made three radios this way. So far so good.
  As of right now it is chirping out of the parking lot here at work.
  Duration of the test.
  From 06:30 Friday the 21st to approximately 18:00 on the 24th.
   I will leave it on over night from the home address.
  I will be operating the above mobile APRS station on 50.62mhz.
  Expected AO
  This station will be operating out of my truck in the Northern Virginia area.
  Near Dulles Airport (IAD).  I may or may not be traveling this weekend with it.
  The transmitter makes between 45 to 50 watts into a loaded ¼ wave whip.
  The internal timer of the Byronics is programmed to key every 120 seconds when it’s in clear air. This was done as a battery saver. If we need a faster time for testing, that’s an easy thing to change. In the event of local interference or other signals the controller holds off the transmitter until it’s clear.
  I’ve programmed a message into the controller. The message says it’s an experimental station and has my call sign KA2ZEV and phone number. 
  Related Projects.
  I’m constructing two base stations that will be available within the week.
  This article is about that effort. Consider it a ‘work in progress’. I hope to finish the article when the two radios are complete.
  If you currently have space in your station and want to add 6m APRS to your system, we have a deal for you.
  Bob WB4APR has issued me two MFJ packet modems to integrate with the converted 100 watt radios that I am donating. If you have about 22 amps of available DC power, an antenna, and a connection to the reporting system, we can loan you one of these radios. 
  If you’re interested in building units, the above articles can point you in the right direction. We would like to get more mobiles and base stations on the air.
  I can’t make them all. For this to work, we need more stations.
  Contact data
  The best way to reach me is via e mail. ka2zev at 
  The phone will be on after 16:30 today at 703 863 4574.
  I work in a government building that cell phones are discouraged in.
  This might be most suitable.
  To Subscribe
  SixMeterAPRSexperimentersgroup-subscribe at
  The usual common sense rules apply.
  To Post.
  SixMeterAPRSexperimentersgroup at
  That’s the news and thanks for reading this.

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