End of Analog TV era

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Fri Mar 28 15:07:29 CDT 2008

Digital TV Update:

The 27 March '08 editorial of Electronic Design magazine mentions that 
"a study in November 2007 had found 43% of over-the-air TV households 
would reject post-transition digital TV, preferring instead to receive 
free, over-the-air digital TV by purchasing a converter box or digital 
TV set, compared to 12% who would sign up for cable or satellite 
service".  In addition, 25% of Americans said that they "don't know" 
what steps they would take, while 19% said that they "would do nothing".

In addition, the study found that 77% of Americans remain unaware as to 
why the federal Government is mandating the change to their TV viewing.
In June 2007, it was estimated that 22 million households would be 
affected by the change to Digital.

Each US household can request up to two coupons, each $40 in value, to 
be used against the purchase of converter boxes.  (These boxes currently 
range between $50 and $60)
It is expected that about 30 million converter boxes will be 
manufactured. (30 Million boxes @  $40 = $1.2 Billion dollars cost to 
the Tax Payer ???)

One company, MaxLinear has created a TV tuner IC that consumes only 300 mW.
see     http://www.digitaltvnews.net/content/?p=2209

André N4ICK

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