Digital radio issues

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at
Wed Apr 2 13:55:16 CDT 2008

Nuthin' wrong with being a Luddite, guys. After all, have you seen  
the rubbish resolution coming out of those Jacquard looms nowadays?  
My wife's cross-stitching is WAY better. :-)

I agree with everything Joe says below. I now have a TV that doesn't  
work at all if it rains hard. What use is that in England? (Actually,  
I may be exaggerating slightly. I can't watch the BBC when it rains  
hard. However, the high-frequency-end of the band, with all the  
teleshopping and porn channels, is probably okay.)

I've got my son ready to re-invent AM analogue when the time is  
right. He'll make a fortune.


Phil M1GWZ

On 2 Apr 2008, at 02:57, Joseph Bento wrote:

> I used to service these digital trunked radios when I worked in two- 
> way radio.  Give me analog any day!  Any radio that requires  
> "training" for the operator to wait a couple seconds before  
> speaking in order for the connection to sync does not belong in  
> public safety.  When seconds are critical, one does not patiently  
> wait for their radio to be ready.
> The public is being fed a bunch of bull with EVERYTHING going  
> digital.  Digital does not make everything better.  I can watch a  
> somewhat snowy picture on the TV.  With digital, you may not see  
> the picture at all.
> I have a HD Radio that was given to me for a gift.  If you receive  
> the station full quieting on the analog channel, the digital sounds  
> great.  If the reception is mediocre, the digital channel generally  
> will not lock.  So what happens when congress in all their wisdom  
> eventually turns off the analog signal?
> The fact that broadcast radio and television is going digital  
> should have meant we'd work on world compatibility standards.   
> 'Fraid not.  Some big corporate dollars padded somebody's pockets.
> 73,Joe, N6DGYPleasant Grove, Utah
> On Apr 1, 2008, at 1:01 PM, Michael Chisena wrote:
>> Firefighters'_distrust_of_digital_radio_system_grows   All, This  
>> is not new. Many of the digital trunked systems have issues, and  
>> had them for years. Now it's killing people. Someones good idea no  
>> doubt.   Mike
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