Alberto di Bene dibene at
Thu Apr 3 05:18:14 CDT 2008

andre kesteloot wrote:
> Alberto,
> Very impressive, indeed.
> Assuming you are interested in the US market, you might want to indicate 
> a US distributor, and the price in US$, (less TVA, of course).
> Best regards and again, congratulations
> André N4ICK

  Well, I am not the producer, nor the designer, nor the seller of the Perseus receiver.
The guy who designed and produces it is Nico IN3NWV,.a good friend of mine.

I know that he and his distributor (Beppe IK3VIG) are looking for an US distributor.
Perseus has already passed the FCC certification and only some paper works still need to be done.
I wrote that comment about the N4HY paper, as I feel that he should have mentioned Perseus in his paper, being it both a 
commercial success and an innovative product.

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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