Possible job for one of us?

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  I know this is well 'off topic' but we all need money to live on.
  From my Iraq days I get a lot of e mail directed my way for exotic work.
  One of those web sites is called www.militaryhire.com 
  Lots of good things there. 
  Not all of it where rude strangers are trying to kill us.
  For the price of posting a resume (Free) you get to see all kinds of exotic jobs.
  This one ain't too bad.
  I'm real happy with my current situation so perhaps one of you might take a nibble.
  Below is the 'cut and paste' for you to look at.
  Much luck.
  Mike in Herndon VA
  Date Posted: 4/1/08

  Company: Lockheed Martin (www.lockheedmartin.com) 
  Salary Range: Salary commensurate with experience /yr

  Types of Work:
  Full Time   Permanent   Contract 
Nearest Major Metro Area: 
City: Arlington
State: Virginia
Zip code: 22201
  Land Mobile Radio Resource Manager
  Will address TSA's need for management, operation, sustainment of the current LMR environment while providing broad requirements for new services. Will function as Land Mobile Radio Program Manager, Frequency Manager, and System Wide Engineer. As LMR Program Manager, will assume responsibility for the management, oversight, and control of operations. As Frequency Manager, responsibilities include maintaining the frequency inventory, managing frequency requests, maintaining spectrum certifications, troubleshooting frequency interference, reviewing frequency assignments, managing licenses and coordinating frequency usage in the shared transportation environments. As System Wide Engineer, will be responsible for the high level management of the entire environment; strategic planning, new technology integration, project management, Disaster Recovery Plan development and testing, COOP planning, escalated troubleshooting. Company Information:At Lockheed Martin, we are driven by
 innovation and integrity. We believe that by applying the highest business ethics and visionary thinking - everything is within our reach, and yours.

We invite you to explore the possibilities with one of the foremost systems engineering, software and systems integration companies in the world.

Exceptional choices in careers, challenges, and locations across the nation.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Join in designing, building and supporting the world's most sophisticated military aircraft. Your involvement may include: The multiservice F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) * The proven multirole fighter, the F-16 *

Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Lay the foundation for future space systems. A sampling of programs includes: The world's most powerful and advanced telecommunications satellites for government, civil and commercial interests *

Lockheed Martin Electronic Systems
Pioneer, integrate and deliver cutting-edge technologies across three key areas: maritime systems and sensors, missiles and fire control programs and platforms, training and transportation solutions *

Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services
Delivers world-class solutions and advanced technology globally across a broad spectrum of domains.

Diversity and inclusion
What we believe...what we live. You will find that we are both a uniquely diverse and unified team; reflecting many cultures and points of view.

An Equal Opportunity Employer. Requirements:Must have capabilities and experiences relevant to improving TSA's Land Mobile Radio systems that will allow the Government assess the Offeror's understanding of TSA's needs and their capabilities to address them in follow-on tasking. The capabilities include moving to trunked radio systems, interoperability with other Federal, State, and Local entities, and use of technologies in the HF band (Army Military Affiliate Radio System) that is being tested at one of the airports for use as emergency communications, in the event other means are inoperable. Must also have capabilities and experiences in addressing the LMR requirements for coverage, interoperability and trunked radio systems at all critical infrastructures under TSA (aviation, maritime, rail, intermodal, mass transit and pipelines). 
  To apply for this job, contact:
Name: Benita Taylor 

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