N2PK VNA kitting

Terry Fox tfox at knology.net
Fri May 2 23:13:58 CDT 2008

Art, KY1K is putting together a group buy for most/some/all the parts for
the N2PK Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).  I don't know the pricing, or much
other info, as I just ran into this.  You can check it out at his Yahoo

I remember Richard Cramer asking a few months ago if anybody was kitting up
this device.  Well, the answer is now YES.

I have had the pleasure of building two Brainerd designs using Arts kits
(AD995x and AD9912), and I can tell you that it makes putting the projects
together much simpler.  All the similar parts are in little "cells" in
plastic (or anti-static bags).  Each cell is labeled with value, and on the
AD995x kits (where a full construction manual exists), the construction step
number is also shown.  I know Art will be kitting the Brainerd QSE exciter
once the design is frozen.

All-in-all, well worth the cost.  Art does group buys on parts, so the
pricing is advantageous as well.

BTW, I now have a prototype Brainerd AD9912 DDS board up and running.  It
has a 125MHz oscillator, and with the internal DDS PLL set to X8 (for a 1GHz
DDS clock), it can generate RF at +8dBm up to 400MHz.  VERY COOL!!

I have some early PIC code (the DDS is controlled by an onboard PIC that has
a USB connection to the host computer) running right now, and am working on
making it better.

Art and David Brainerd are two hams that are much like "SoftRock" Tony
Parks.  They are keeping the homebrew aspect of our hobby alive.  We should
support them whenever possible.  My opinion.

I plan to be at tacos the first Saturday in June, and will be at Manassas.
I plan to bring some SDR demo stuff, and my newly acquired buddipole
antenna.  Eat a Tippy's special for me tomorrow!


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