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Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sun May 4 07:54:24 CDT 2008

"Michael O'Dell" <mo at ccr.org> writes:

> i need a few Male/Female RCA cables
> 2-3' long that are good for NTSC
> baseband video. i have some little
> surveillance cameras on the boat whose
> cables are *not quite* long enough and getting
> the helm panel with the monitor apart without
> seriously hurting something is a real pain.
> hence, they need to be a bit longer, but not a lot longer.
> I went by Radio Shack and they don't have any
> M/F cables less than 6'.
> so anybody have any favorite web sites for
> such trinkets?

Blue Jeans Cable seems to make cables the way you and I would make
them (name brand componenets and not charge an arm and a leg for


It also seems that Monster sued them...  and they struck back with a
most interesting letter.  I haven't had so much fun with a lawsuit
answer since the one I wrote myself with a little help from Mikki
asking for Rule 11 sanctions against Plaintiff's counsel.


I haven't ordered anything from them (yet) but they seem to have a
good rep and clearly their heart is in the right place.


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