Tacos list

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at amrad.org
Sun May 4 15:31:02 CDT 2008

I've reverted the tacos list configuration back a month.

Hal reported some oddness in tacos delivery, and in
tracking it down I found some problems.

Mailman has some auto-upgrade and auto-backup logic that
sometimes covers up real problems. I've been backing up
mailing list configurations since sometimes the automatic
method isn't quite the right way to go.

In early April there was an unexpected loss of site power
due to backhoe (or some other power line construction
equipment). So my theory is that file corruption after
power loss is what caused Mailman to revert to a much older
state. Since a backup configuration file from before that
time has what Hal mentioned as the right setting, I have
gone ahead and reverted to that early April configuration.

So perhaps some of you reading this message missed a couple
of messages to the tacos list from the last month....
Check archives via http://www.amrad.org/pipermail/tacos/
I suggest:
to catch up if you'd like.

Also, no doubt you know about 'Mailman Day' on the first of
every month on which you get an email from the mailing list
software about your list subscriptions and list passwords.
Ignore the May 1 2008 message. Things now are more like what
they were for the April 1 message.

Hope that helps,

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