BPL gets even more serious competition in Manassas

John Teller jsteller at spottydog.us
Thu May 8 12:39:05 CDT 2008

I didn't think they were in the same price category. FiOS is kind of pricey if all you want is something a little faster than dial up...

--- JST 


The City of Manassas has awarded a franchise to Verizon for the FiOS 
service.  A news article says

"Manassas residents are a major step closer to having an innovative, 
reliable and competitive alternative for their cable television 
services, thanks to a unanimous vote by the City Council Monday evening 
(May 5) authorizing Verizon to offer its fiber-optic-powered FiOS TV."

You can


BPL and all the fanfare seems to be far enough in the past as to be 
unmentioned.  I understand the Manassas BPL service has not attracted 
many users in the face of other alternatives that were always there. 
Now with FiOS the BPL option will be even less attractive.

Frank K0BRA

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