Tesla on History Channel

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat May 10 10:32:47 CDT 2008

 History Channel Show to Feature Nikola Tesla: Modern Marvels, a series
on The History Channel, will feature electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla in
an episode scheduled to air May 14
Helping out with the program was Bob "Loby" Lobenstein, WA2AXZ;
Lobenstein is General Superintendent, Power Operations for New York
City's subway system. "We did 8 hours of taping interviews at my 1904
power substation," Lobenstein said. "In addition to the action scenes of
me throwing the 100 year old switches and demonstrating the use of
power, I did a 'Mr Wizard' talk, showing the various things that 'Mr T'
envisioned and invented. Of course, radio had a part and I just had to
put the D-104 mic with our club's K2IRT shield into view!" According to
The History Channel, Tesla's "...bizarre vision of the future brought
him failure, but his genius electrified the world. Travel to Niagara
Falls, where in 1893, Tesla installed his new system of Alternating
Electrical Current known as AC -- the same power we use today. Uncover
the forgotten ruins of Tesla's dream experiment -- a huge tower on Long
Island Sound he hoped would wirelessly power the world. Radar, death
rays, invisibility devices and earthquake machines: Tesla claimed to
have created them all. More than 100 years ago Tesla foresaw the need
for alternative energies like geothermal and solar." Check the The
History Channel Web site for show times <http://www.history.com/>. 

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