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Tue May 13 07:29:49 CDT 2008

  An honest man admits his errors. 
  Sorry I caused a problem on the board.
  An honest dude also solves his problems.
  People tell me I write like I talk. I also blur lines between topics. 
  In the minds eye, topics do merge and interlace.
  In the recent past I put an article on the Midland list about a service monitor repair effort.
  The other team members were right. 
  It didn't need to be there.
  Sorry about that guys, I will try to keep a better focus on your mission, and to keep my side projects out of your way.
  Had some time to digest the words and ideas presented.
  Fair enough. If there is a hint of a problem, perhaps it's best to take the service monitor items to another forum. That's what Ive done.
  The thinking is to start a series of 'yahoogroups' based on various service monitor types.
  Tips on use, service data, repair, and some minor trading of parts.
  As of this moment this is what Ive started.
  IFR 1100S
  Post message:
    IFR1100SUserGroup at
    Subscribe:  IFR1100SUserGroup-subscribe at
  IFR 1200S
          Post message:     
  IFR1200SUserGroup at
    Subscribe:  IFR1200SUserGroup-subscribe at
  Cushman 4000
          Post message:     
  Cushman4000UserGroup at
    Subscribe:  Cushman4000UserGroup-subscribe at
  Ramsey COM3
          Post message:     
  RamseyCOM3UserGroup at
    Subscribe:  RamseyCOM3UserGroup-subscribe at
  If you can think of a few more I should start, shoot me an e mail "Off Line"  at
  ka2zev at 
  and I can put one up for you and yours.
  If you think this is suitable, please forward to groups and individuals who may be interested in the subject.
  Be well all.
  Mike in Virginia

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