CEPT and European Amateur Operations

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Thanks for catching that. I'll look into it.


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>That document does not seem to have been updated to reflect changes
>that have evolved since the international 2003 dropping of the
>requirement for morse code.
>Where does that leave a no-code Extra like me?  Eligible for Class 1?
>Class 2?  Just out of luck?
>                                        ---rob
>Paul Rinaldo <prinaldo at mindspring.com> writes:
>> Joe,
>> To complete the picture, see:
>> http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/regulations/io/iarp-app.pdf
>> which wraps this into the International Amateur Radio Permit, something I've
>> had a hand in over the years.
>> Paul
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>>      Hey all,
>>      During my past years at Hamvention, I never considered what rulings
>>      are in place that allow our European visitors to operate legally, or
>>      rules that allow us to legally talk to them via radio whilst
>>      visiting.  I haven't been the most active ham over the past several
>>      years, so I was completely unaware of a European program known as
>>      CEPT  (Conference of European Postal & Telecommunications)  The USA
>>      has no voice or authority with CEPT, though it recognizes the
>>      participating countries, and CEPT recognizes the USA.  Member
>>      nations may operate their amateur stations when on holiday in the
>>      USA.   
>>      There is a caveat for American amateurs visiting Europe,
>>      however.  CEPT member nations used to honor all American license
>>      classes. Unfortunately, due to our dumbing down of the written test,
>>      elimination of morse code, etc, this is no longer the
>>      case.  American Advanced and Extra class licenses maintain full
>>      operating privileges whilst visiting CEPT member European
>>      nations.  American Novice and General class licenses are no longer
>>      recognized.   USA hams visiting Europe (and I believe European hams
>>      visiting the USA) must carry their original issued license as well
>>      as a CEPT document (available for download, and printed in English,
>>      French, and German) stating their authority to operate in the
>>      country they are visiting in accordance with CEPT.
>>      I was still thinking along the lines of the old reciprocal licensing
>>      program.  CEPT seems much easier.  Reading through the CEPT
>>      documentation also makes one think that the USA is in essence a
>>      European nation, geography and voting rights
>>      notwithstanding.  Perhaps the world is becoming a friendlier place
>>      after all.
>>      73,Joe, N6DGYPleasant Grove, UT
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