SDR-14 Used to copy Mars Phoenix Lander

Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at
Wed May 28 11:39:31 CDT 2008

Hi Frank,

Pat can attest to my reaction when I saw that screen shot.  I sort of 
said that I had that software and they much have an SDR-14. This was 
quickly confirmed on the SDR reflectors.

So just how much path margin would one have with a 12 ft diameter C band 
dish and a downconverter if we tried to see that 401 MHz signal coming 
from Mars? That feed was coming from the Green Bank system!


73, Tom n4zpt

fgentges at wrote:
> tacoistas,
> An RFSpace SDR-14 was used on the Green Bank 100 meter Radio Telescope 
> to copy the Mars Phoenix Lander during its descent.  The transmission 
> copied was on 401.585825 MHz.  The software used was SpectraVue that was 
> written by Moetronix and supplied by RFSpace.  Details at
> This suggests that if you have an old large C band dish sitting around, 
> you can attach a good RF front end and follow up with something like the 
> SDR-14 or SDR-IQ you too can copy interesting stuff from space.
> Frank K0BRA

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