Playing With UV LEDs

Joseph Bento joseph at
Thu Jun 5 23:52:30 CDT 2008

Hey all,

Been having some fun with some UV LEDs bought at Dayton.

I've had a collection of uranium glass marbles for ages, and have  
never had a black light to see their brilliant green glow as they  
fluoresce under UV light.  I modified a 14 LED torch with UV LEDs.   
Now I just need to be aware of the precautions of UV, which  
surprisingly apply to the LEDs.

Take a look at this quick little gallery.  You can see a bunch of 1  
inch "shooter" marbles under normal light and under the UV torch.   
There is also a photo of about 50 small marbles in a jar with a  
humorous "RADIOACTIVE" sticker.

See: and click on "UV TORCH"

Now I just need to pick up a geiger counter.  The radiation from these  
marbles is low enough to be harmless, though apparently they will  
register on a counter.

Fun Stuff!!

Joe, N6DGY
Pleasant Grove, UT

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