Playing With UV LEDs

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Fri Jun 6 20:13:02 CDT 2008

First, those that missed the UV LEDs at Dayton that Joe found can get a 
fist full on eBay for cheap.  Look in

Business & Industrial>
Electrical & Test Equipment>
Electronic Components>

Most are from China.  So far I have had good dealings from China on 
cheap stuff.  I would not spend any more that I was willing to lose on a 
bad deal though.  Watch for ads with superbright without specifying the 
brightness, maybe they are and maybe they are not.

In the past, white LEDs were UV LEDs with some phosphor.  I suspect the 
really bright ones may use another principle now.

Second,  Look on eBay for Geiger counters model CDV700.  These are 
almost all from the 1950s and 1960s Fall Out Shelters.  Most work but 
may be a little be short on calibration.  There are several versions but 
generally work on some D cells.  If you pay serious money, like above 
$10, make sure it works.  Several people on eBay only sell tested units 
but costs may be around $50.  I have one in each car just in case....

There is a Yahoo group called CDV700CLUB with talk on all sorts of 
issues.  Join up before spending any money.

As Joe says, 'fun stuff'.  I always like things that sense or work 
outside the normal range of the senses.

Frank K0BRA

Joseph Bento wrote:
> Hey all,
> Been having some fun with some UV LEDs bought at Dayton.
> I've had a collection of uranium glass marbles for ages, and have  
> never had a black light to see their brilliant green glow as they  
> fluoresce under UV light.  I modified a 14 LED torch with UV LEDs.   
> Now I just need to be aware of the precautions of UV, which  
> surprisingly apply to the LEDs.
> Take a look at this quick little gallery.  You can see a bunch of 1  
> inch "shooter" marbles under normal light and under the UV torch.   
> There is also a photo of about 50 small marbles in a jar with a  
> humorous "RADIOACTIVE" sticker.
> See: and click on "UV TORCH"
> Now I just need to pick up a geiger counter.  The radiation from these  
> marbles is low enough to be harmless, though apparently they will  
> register on a counter.
> Fun Stuff!!
> 73,
> Joe, N6DGY
> Pleasant Grove, UT
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