Echolink / IRLP radio ready for test

Michael Chisena ka2zev at
Mon Jun 16 16:03:04 CDT 2008

I think I have a suitable radio for echolink or IRLP ready.
I only have one channel in this unit. So it can't 'wake up' on the wrong frequency.
Channel 01
RX 147.21 Tone 146.2 TX 147.81 Tone 146.2
TX Time out timer 120 seconds.
All the 'beeps' have been turned off.
The unit is in PL decode mode unless someone presses the front panel monitor switch.
RX Path
Ive added a 600 ohm to 600 ohm transformer from the balanced output where the speaker used to go to an un used microphone pin and ground.
With the front panel volume control it's a snap to get 0dB at 5kHz dev from the receiver.
The RX PL works well. 
No problem there.
TX is set for 6 watts, that's as low as it goes.
TX Dev is set for 5kHz with about 3Vrms of drive.
Yeah I know that's hot but that is how Midlands work.
Worse case I can hard wire a microphone pre amp into the radio.
The TX PL Dev is set for 750Hz.
PTT is a line closure that draws 500uA.
Prepped up a cable that can go to the computer. It's about 4 feet long.
Who wants to try this?

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