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Tue Jun 17 08:01:11 CDT 2008

If you remember, I don't charge for conversion if someone brings me a radio. 
At the moment there are some good deals on EBAY now for this stuff.
(If I have to buy the stuff, then convert it, I don't feel at all bad about charging for it.)
Looks like today is the day for radios that will make a fine 2m conversion.
Try these auction links.
This is of the same type that I have on my work bench. There are some 'trunk mount' units of the same family avalable as well.
This one claims to have the 99 channel option, but it's a 'four button' that's handy for various scan lists. 
On these I set up two scan lists. 
One for local stuff, and the other for 'everything else'.
It's a system that works well.
This one is an under dash High Split Low Band (aka 6m) radio, 60 watt.
Seems to be a lot of good stuff out there.
Do try to avoid the 8 channel e prom programed mobiles. 
I can't help you.
I have programing and tune up tools for these units.
Plus a real good conversion for using Byonics APRS modules in them.
This could make a real useful club project if we wanted to convert some or all of them.
At this point I have three of the 70-340B's (35 watt 2m sets) that Im thinking of converting.
We can do these as a batch and get some results.
This link is a model index. Might be of help.
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