Just scored some new (used) gear in 2M

Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 08:41:39 CDT 2008

Have an idea for a multi club tech project.
If this note is proper, please forward it to your clubs reflectors.
Just won an EBay auction for ten units of older generation radios.
These are... 
Under Dash Syntech 1 VHF High Band (2m) units with 80 watt transmitters.
They hold up to 80 channels.
They make fair 2m radios.
The main limit for this type is PL board. 
Depending on 'group' they don't do all the tones. 
For the clients this gear was first made for, these limits were not a problem. 
Today this is a use limit. 
So for repeaters around here there are some tones that will not work.
(One of the annoying things about old tech business radios in our world.)
These have the 3 button front panels.
Monitor for turning off the PL decode.
The latter two I use for two different scan lists.
I call them Local and Everything.
As some of you saw I have a good conversion for this style to make them APRS radios.
It's a 'one way' conversion. 
Any radio so set up won't be suitable for normal voice afterwords.
An 80 watt APRS radio would be a cool thing.
An 80 watt Voice radio comes in handy as well.
Right now I'm trying to discover if there is interest in the subject. 
Or did I just acquire a large pile of expensive parts.
If I'm going to do conversions on these for APRS use, I prefer to 'do them as a batch'.
That is much more efficient. 
I can prep up a bunch of wire harness ahead of need. 
Gives people time to order Byonics modules and GPS pucks.
(Suggest the 'built and tested' edition with the GPS2 Puck)
Those items I can't supply.
That's the news of the  moment.

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