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Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Fri Jun 27 09:59:46 CDT 2008

Hi Bob,

Don't know if your email is working; I've sent you a couple and not
heard back.  I'm assuming that there is some kind of foul-up since I'm
not listed below and I had volunteered a pile of stuff and a club
callsign.  The bad news is, I timed out yesterday afternoon and made
alternate plans since I hadn't heard anything further from you.

I will be running with the club callsign I mentioned in a previous
email (N4NOG) from a friend's farm in western Loudoun, so the offer to
use it unfortunately no longer holds.

CC to tacos at in case you get tacos email and not mail direct
from me.

Better luck next year,


"Bob Rice, KG4RRN" <kg4rrn at> writes:

>  Hello All,                                                                   
>  This is an informational bulletin about the McLean Field Day Site, new this  
>  year.                                                                        
>  I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, gathering    
>  needed supplies.                                                             
>  It will be hot, muggy and that's not all--there is a chance of afternoon     
>  thundershowers.                                                              
>  So far, the minimalist set-up (one table many radios) is going well, the     
>  canopy was demo set-up last evening, the generator reservation has been made 
>  with another ham, the supplies are almost all done, the only thing right now 
>  which is still not nailed down                                               
>   is timing to get all of this stuff over to the site.                        
>  I am assured by my co-worker that he will be at my hosue at 9:00am.          
>  This gives me five hours or so to get all of the stuff to the field and have 
>  it set up.                                                                   
>  I still need to put together a wire antenna for 10 meters and I need to pick 
>  up a  few items from the store.                                              
>  I realized last night that it will be too much to cook onsite, and we have   
>  wonderful restaurants with air conditioning less than a mile away.           
>  So after all is over on Sunday, all who show up, will car-a-van over to a    
>  nearby restaurant to enjoy some prepared foods.... saves time and hassle of  
>  cooking and grilling.                                                        
>  Then whoever brings their swimming trunks can take a dip in the pool.        
>  I have posted final rules about the site on my website                       
>  go to to view them.                                 
>  I appreciate all the support which ai have recieved from all and will        
>  formally thanks them soon.                                                   
>  The following individuals and companies have supplied stuff for the site and 
>  supplies so far.                                                             
>  McLean Hardware                                                              
>  Ventures in Video                                                            
>  Home Depo                                                                    
>  James Monaghan, N9JHM                                                        
>  William Everett                                                              
>  James Buchanan, IV                                                           
>  Keith Bregman                                                                
>  Rite Aid                                                                     
>  TJI Electronics                                                              
>  Mike Chesnea, KA2ZEV                                                         
>  *****************************************                                    
>  LOCATION : look on the website on FIeld Day 08-- go to          
>  searchbox on top backspace , then type in KG4RRN . then click satellite and  
>  zoom in on it.                                                               
>  its a real nice area, and I will enjoy operating form there, and the best    
>  part is its right down the stret form my house !!                            
>  I will hope that word gets spread and more volunteers show up to assist in   
>  set-up. This will                                                            
>  be great if everyone works together to make it successful.                   
>  73 all,[Error Image]                                                         
>  Bob Rice, KG4RRN                                                             
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