Programmer's Hostility Towards Beginners

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sun Jul 6 21:31:12 CDT 2008

You may also want to ease into the subject of programming by reading my 
recent articles (in the AMRAD Newsletter)  on how to program the PicAxe 
in Basic.
It is:
a) extremely easy,
b) it works

you can then decide to move on to more difficult languages
The above is bound to start a discussion on whether BASIC is a valid 
programming language. Just ignaore it  :-0

Good luck and
André N4ICK

Michael O'Dell wrote:
> Joseph Bento wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> In all the years I've worked in electronics, both a a career and as a  
>> hobby, I've never learned any programming languages.

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