Programmer's Hostility Towards Beginners

Joe Bento joseph at
Mon Jul 7 09:25:13 CDT 2008

WB4JFI wrote:
> Have you looked at the beginner PIC programming books advertised in Nuts and
> Volts and Circuit Cellar?  They may be a good place to start as well.  I
> seem to remember Easy PIC'N as one title... I could not find an ad in the
> latest issue of N&V...  Check out:
Yes!  I have a copy of that book.  It was rather difficult to find.  I 
ordered it before I was aware of the publisher, and bought it from All 
Electronics.  I've had it for just a few weeks now, and have not sat 
down to begin studying with it.

Oh, and upon receiving the replies from this thread, I ordered a used 
copy of Kernighan and Ritchie's definitive C book.  Reading the 
comments, this seems to be the doctrine that all others are based upon.  
I'm looking forward to adding it to my studies.

Joe, N6DGY
Pleasant Grove, Utah

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