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Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 09:20:14 CDT 2008

Just picked up a new RDF unit and need some items.
Item One.
Need some mulit conductor wire.
As a minimum four conductor with shield.
Stranded type, not solid conductor.
I expect this wire to be flexed and coiled up often.
Will be subject to wind buffeting.
Must be flexible and small enough to fit through a truck truck door.
Think about the size that RF58 is, no bigger than that.
Will need about 20 feet or less. In this case more is better.
Item Two
Need a 20 foot length of RG 58, the stranded type, not solid conductor.
With or without connectors is fine. 
I have a supply of crimp on type connectors.

Item Three
Four units of BNC covers with chains and hold on rings that fit over bulkhead BNC F connectors.
Item Four
A matched set of four VHF Rubber Ducks.
Gain not critical but all have to be of the same OEM and type.
Item Five
A bit of smoked plexi glass. 
I need this as a viewing window or filter for different color LED's.
A 12 by 12 inch section that still has the protective covers on it would be great, I can cut that down to the exact size I need.
Items for Sale
I have a small supply of Midland 70-1342B MM radios.
Fully converted to the ham 2M band
These are not like the units I usually offer.
Under Dash
Built in Speaker
40 watt hi, 5 watt low power transmitters.
.35uV for 12dB Sinad or better receivers.
Covers from about 141 to 160MHz TX and RX.
Includes the AMRAD disk with the program.
Programing cable available from...
99 channel 2m sets
PL Encode and Decode with Monitor Switch
P Scan Switch
A/D Switch
Six Pin microphone, suitable for DTMF mics with Up and Down channel buttons.
(I do not have Midland DTMF Mic)
Mobile Mounting brackets
Power cables
I need to get $105 per unit, have 5 in stock.
Custom programing available at no additional charge.
Have three units of Midland 70-340B
This is an under dash radio.
Fully converted and set up to run on the ham 2M band.
No useful coverage outside of the 144 to 148 band.
Similar to the above, not such an advanced radio.
35 watt transmitter
.35uV @12dB Sinad or better
80 channels
Internal speaker
Encode PL (with limits)
Decode PL (with limits)
Standard four pin microphone
Power cable
Custom programing available on request.
(This takes expensive tools to program.)
Need to get $75 per unit, three in stock.
Note no Scan Buttons, basic radio.
Not very exciting but you won't have to worry about it for years, solid gear.
Great secondary radio or packet unit.
Keep it safe guys
703 863 4574

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